Adults & Staff Testimonials

“Thanks so much for all the hard work you do. I know how much Lauren looks forward to her special art day.”

– Parent Skippack Elementary

“Thank you for the years of dedication to enriching the lives of our children. Eric and Myra are grateful to have has you touch their lives with your skills and expertise.”

 – Parents Skippack Elementary

“Thank you so much so much for sharing your time and talent with us at Skippack. We are blessed.”

– Staff Skippack Elementary

“Thank you for all the work you do with our students to bring out their creativity and artistic abilities.”

– Principal Skippack Elementary

“I just know that the people here at East think the world of you, and we’re glad that you’re part of our family.”

 – Staff Middle School East

“Well, as I emailed you before, your final project for Dimensions of Learning really knocked my socks off. You are incredible, Jess! I sometimes hear how special area staff cannot apply the strategies we offer in training…but you have not only taken them, applied them, but you have raised them to another level of application.  I am so impressed by your paper, your intelligence, and your willingness to make your project a “work of art” in and of itself, even though you didn’t have to..a TRUE intelligent characteristic at it’s best Jess!”

– Perkiomen Valley Curriculum and Induction Coordinator

“Jessica! This is great! I feel like I am right there at Skippack viewing all of this wonderful work! But I certainly will get there in person soon to see the “real” thing. My gosh, Jess, you do such wonderful work with these children. Just think of all of the budding future professional artists you are creating by the outstanding instruction and ongoing encouragement you give to your kids. YOu are incredible and I think we are so lucky to have you here.”

 – Perkiomen Valley Curriculum and Induction Coordinator

“Seriously, since I first saw your displays in our school, I thought, ” I need to meet this person…”

 – Staff Middle School East

“Thank you so much for a fabulous year!  It is so fun to watch her grow and develop – thank you for all your encouragement for her along the way this year.   We are very blessed to have such a strong team working to educate our daughter.  Please know you are greatly appreciated!!”

 – Parent Skippack Elementary

“I just had to tell you…Stephen has been talking about you and art class NON-STOP lately!  He thinks you are the greatest and art is his favorite special.  He actually made 2 pictures this week and has them in a “special” envelope, today, to show to you during class. I hope he doesn’t lose the nerve to show you; he is so proud of them and has been talking about ‘taking them to art class’ all week long. “

 – Parent Skippack Elementary

“I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed seeing the artwork you have had the students doing.  It is so original and beautiful!  I really love that pottery.  The kids could sell it!

Thanks for making this place look gorgeous!!”

-Staff Middle School East

 “Thank you for making class so much fun and interesting to help us learn this year. Thank you for always being so kind and funny and patient. You allowed us to explore and learn. Thank you! We love you!”

– 8th grade students

“Thank you got for the wonderful job you did with the Art Show this year. My children were excited about the projects they did and anxious for us to see them. What an incredible effort it must have been to set up so many displays! The halls looked great!”

– Parent Skippack Elementary

“Clay and I wanted to take the time to express to you how appreciated you are! every “A” day Clay remembers  that he has Art and looks forward all day to that class. He does this on his own with no prompting. Thanks for your patience and preserving with him and all your students. Your positive, compassionate, and dedicated teaching shapes their positive view of art.”

 – Parent Skippack Elementary